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Affya weight loss tips

Meeting your New Year’s resolution for weight loss.

1. Eating healthy starts with having healthy foods in your house. Do your grocery shopping using a list of healthy foods that you need. Do not shop on an empty stomach, hunger makes unhealthy items more appealing and leads to buying unplanned items. 

2. Meal prepping: Getting ready for the week includes planning what you will cook and what you would pack to take to work for lunch meals. This helps prevent ordering pizza or fast foods and other high fat home-delivered meals

3. Increase whole grains in your meals. Shop for whole grains breads, cereals, noodles and rice and get yourself used to eating whole grain foods. They contain more fiber and are more filing which prevents overeating

4. Cooking methods: Baked, grilled and oven roasted foods are lower in fat and help with weight loss. Fried foods, or foods covered in butter sauces or creamy sauces are high in fat and leads to weight gain

5. Eat a healthy breakfast to start your day. High protein foods such as boiled eggs, vegetable omelets, high protein bars, oat meal, or whole grain toast, cold cereal with low fat milk are healthy breakfast options. Avoid high sugar coffee drinks such as Frappuccino’s, pastries and cake style muffins

6. Portion control: Using smaller plates and bowls is the first step reducing your food portions. Always have vegetables with lunch and dinner meals. Serve more vegetables on your plate than the meat and starch

7. Keep a record of what you eat. We all forget what we eat. Tracking your food intake by journaling or using  food apps such as Loose It or Fat Secret makes it easier to look back and see where change is needed 

8. Make simple changes in your diet: Don’t change everything at once, it leads to frustration and even  quitting.  Start with either cooking methods, portion control, reducing fast foods, changing your beverages 

9. Emotional eating: Eating on impulse or eating certain foods when you’re upset or stressed. The go-to easy to eat snack items such as candy bars, cookies, ice cream, potato chips contribute to unwanted weight gain.

10. Create healthy environments: Do not surround yourself with foods that trigger your old eating habits. Reduce binge eating by keeping healthy foods in your cabinets, freezer and in the office 

11. Exercise: Find ways to move more during the day. Make a habit of walking up and down the stairs, walk around the office, dance to your favorite music, work out in the gym. 30 minutes 3-5 days a week

12. Be positive. Focus on the healthy foods that you can eat, instead of what you have reduced or changed. Focus on attaining your goals

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